First impression

Before you contact me, please read my site. I don't want us to get in a disappointing situation. Feel free to contact me if I am the type of escort you're searching for. If you're looking for different type of girl or if you are not comfortable with my conditions, rates, or anything else - just don't contact me, it's very simple. I will not discuss any "services" by phone or email and I will reply only inquiries that I feel are genuine and honest. 


Discretion and safety is very important for me and I hope you feel the same. 


Cleanliness is very important for me. Please have a shower and brush your teeth before we meet, wait for me with a fresh breath, clean hands and tidy clothes. That is the way I will be arriving to our rendez-vous as a mark of my respect towards you. Next to this I also find it important to have a quick shower before our time together.


Using protection is always required. No exceptions. I wrote about things that I like on "About me" page of my site. We are both adults, responsible and mature behavior is necessary in order to have uninhibited and fulfilling time together. If you disagree with me, then please search elsewhere.

You should also have in mind that I am a woman with her desires and fantasies. The golden rule is - give me as much respect as you want to receive from me.